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About Swadwan


If you read about us you will fall deep in love with SWADWAN, because everything related to us is so greater than great. Continue on your own risk!

OK! So you are ready to take risks. Once upon a time, Long time back our passion was increasing rapidly for food, creating recipes and cooking. The thing left was SWADWAN, so we also created it for inspiring chefs and people who also love food and have passion like us.

Our products are developed after spending years creating recipe’s which give Truly Authentic India Taste. Fresh Ingredients are collected from almost all the beautiful places in India, Yes we have traveled from Kashmir to Kanyakumari taking all the best ingredients for you. And as we have strong relations between us let us share a secret “Some of our ingredients are forgotten in today’s time”. We work really hard to select our ingredients from our beloved farmers and process them for Authentic Taste & Aroma.

That is our passion for food which makes our products 100% Authentic and free from artificial colors and flavors, that’s the reason we also use the world’s most expensive Ingredients like Kashmir’s Saffron.

Yeh! It’s the result of our quality, taste and passion not just India enjoys our products; we are exporting our product in all Continents.

Our Mission!

We just want you to become famous for your cooking and make your family, friends or any other guest fan of yours; just wear Chef’s Hat and sprinkle our products. Make every one crazy for your food.

Authorby SWADWAN BRAND Team  

Our Promise!

Mom says “Never Say Lie” that’s what we follow.

We promise for great taste in all of our products no matter its Spices, Beverages or anything else. We create everything with lots of love and passions as the main ingredient.

Authorby SWADWAN BRAND Team  

Our Vibes!

Yes, we are HAPPY and EXCITED while creating the best products for you as we believe cooks mood travels to food and consumer!